10 Reasons to take your mates off your plate

Because little lambs never did anything to you. Except be adorably cute and surprisingly entertaining.

Because while it’s typically Australian to die of heart disease — it needn't be.

Because if you don't, you could end up looking like Sam Kekovich.

Because: meat glue.

Because if animal farming keeps producing greenhouse gases, we could run out of colours to represent 'bloody hot' on the weather forecast.

"Because I'd enjoy going to a slaughterhouse." Said no-one ever.

Because you CAN win friends with salad. Especially a grilled tempeh salad with sweet corn, roast capsicum, rocket and avocado.

Because these guys told me to. And I’m not arguing.

Because these guys told me to. And I’m not arguing with them, either.

Because you know it makes sense.

In reality, there are billions of reasons to take animals off the menu. Click here to see why more and more people are choosing to go meat-free, every day!

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